About us

The Help and Information Center on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace was founded in 1980. In the beginning, we were a committee affiliated to an organization which defends the rights of non-unionized workers. However, in light of the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace, we decided to create an independent group. This marked the birth of our organization.


We are the only non-profit organization in Quebec that is completely dedicated to the defense of victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. In 1993, we received a provincial designation: « Help and Information Centre On Sexual Harassment in the Workplace of the Province of Quebec inc. » Furthermore, in response to the increasing needs of our clients, we have expanded our mandate since 2004, we also take on cases of psychological harassment. Therefore, we are now also known as the « Help and Information Center on Harassment in the Workplace ».


The “Help and Information Center” is a support group for workers who are seeking moral assistance and technical support to defend their right to work in a healthy environment, without sexual and psychological harassment. GAIHST also acts as an advisor for companies who are interested in updating or implementing an internal policy regarding workplace harassment and its consequences.


The “Help and Information Centre's" main objective is to break the isolation and the wall of silence that surrounds people who are going through or have been through a situation of workplace harassment and to make the public aware of this reality.