A tool to raise awareness and provide information about workplace harassment

Would you like to know more about sexual and psychological harassment at work? Whether you’re experiencing harassment at work, have witnessed harassment or are an employer, the GAIHST has a tool for you to obtain information, understand your recourse, learn what the law says about it, and discover employers’ obligations.

The information is divided into 4 categories. The tool is compatible with a variety of desktop and mobile browsers.


Harassment, what is it?  

​Read definitions about the types of harassment, see concrete examples and scenarios, and find other useful information.


I think I’m being harassed

Get some basic tips on what to do if you find yourself in this situation.


I am experiencing harassment

Learn about your rights and the various recourses you have.


Laws, obligations and responsibilities

If you are an employer, learn more about the law and your roles and responsibilities in relation to workplace harassment as well as the importance of establishing a good anti-harassment policy in your business.

Explore the tool:  www.harassment-app.com

It’s not part of the job. Because nobody should endure sexual and psychological harassment at work, the GAIHST is hoping that this tool can help break the isolation experienced by people who have been harassed and raise awareness of this problem.


This project was carried out with the financial support of the CNESST through its Program to Combat Psychological or Sexual Harassment in the Workplace