"Cafés-rencontres" support groups




“Café-rencontres “ support groups were created to help individuals who have been subjected to harassment in their workplace to come together and share their experiences.


The goal of these meetings is to break the silence and isolation, talk about experiences with other people who have gone through a similar situation and provide information on relevant topics.


A new topic is presented every month. We have chosen different times and days during the month to allow more people to participate. Twice a month, our meetings have a specific theme chosen by you, our clients, or by our staff members. A third meeting is offered in the form of an open discussion.


This meeting is the perfect time for you to share your experiences and talk about your successes, your fears, what actions you have taken, what has worked, what has not, as well as a providing a special forum where you can ask questions.


The “Cafés-rencontres” support groups are organized by counselors and interns of the “ Help and Information Centre”.

 Examples of topics:


  • Medical expertise;

  • Out-of-court settlements;

  • Self-confidence;

  • How to deal with stress;

  • Hearings at the “Commission des lésions professionnelles” (CLP)

  • How to build a case in a situation of workplace harassment

  • Open themes.


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