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At the  “Help and Information Centre”, we are committed to the development and maintenance of relationships with companies in the private, public and parapublic sectors, as well as with educational institutions and community centres. Therefore, one of our mandates is to promote education and prevent workplace harassment amongst workers and business managers. Our awareness and training sessions allow us to reach many people and give them tools to deal with situations of sexual or psychological harassment at work. Sessions are also a good opportunity for the Centre to raise funds.



Awareness Sessions


Intended primarily for employees, awareness sessions aim to demystify the notions of sexual and psychological harassment at work. They also aim to train  participants so that they can recognize harassment in the workplace and respond appropriately. We discuss, among other things, the different forms of harassment and its consequences for the company, the victim and also the person who is harassing.


The awareness sessions are for individuals who might go through a situation of harassment at work or who have knowledge that such a situation is going on in their workplace (community organizations, institutions, workers, etc.).


Training sessions


The purpose of these sessions is to inform managers and company leaders and show them how to recognize harassment in the workplace and how to prevent and manage it, if it should happen within their company. This may include: determining the essential elements of a policy, presenting a policy, talking about basic concepts and principles when dealing with complaints, different ways of doing an investigation, etc. The training sessions  are tailored to the needs of the company that requests such service.


Training sessions are for individuals who are responsible ofor preventing harassment in their workplace and who may have to intervene in this type of situation (employers, managers, unions, members of a board of directors, etc.).

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Project - Sexual harassment: it's not part of the job!

Intended for all workplaces, these awareness sessions and workshops explain the realities and situations of harassment experienced by immigrants and newcomers, Indigenous people, women in precarious work situation and the LGBTQ2S + communities.

This project offers two components:

  • Harassment awareness for these minority groups, in order to make them aware of the harassment they may experience, their rights and the recourses, etc.

  • Making your work environment aware of cultural, gender and identity diversity to demystify each other's differences which can sometimes generate harassment.


These sessions are adapted to the needs of your workplace.



In 2013, the “Help and Information Center” released an awareness tool, a video entitled "Workplace Harassment, Prevention and Management”. Purchase a copy here!