Help and Information Department




Our goal is to help people who are experiencing  harassment issues in the workplace  to regain their dignity and their self-confidence. These individuals usually go through a trying period of time when they feel extremely isolated, humiliated and betrayed in both their professional and personal life. Faced with this situation, they feel powerless. This kind of situation can lead to mental, emotional, and sometimes even medical difficulties. The “Help and Information Centre” is there to support clients in different ways.



Active listening and moral support


Clients can contact counselors to speak freely in confidence about the conditions that they are experiencing in their workplace. It provides an opportunity to validate a situation or simply to have someone to confide in. The Help and Information Department ensures that you always have an attentive listener.


Technical assistance


Since building a case is not always an easy thing, our counselors can offer assistance to our clients throughout the process. Technical assistance can provide general information about the appropriate steps to take but, also, by helping a person to write certain documents such as a letter to an employer or to an alleged harasser or to fill out complaint forms, etc.



Depending on the situation, if a legal follow-up is required, the Help and Information Department can guide you towards the Complaints Department.


Also, this department is responsible for the organization and setting up of the “Cafés-rencontres” support groups.