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This guide was created as part of the project "Sexual harassment: it's not part of the job" funded by the Department of Justice Canada.


Date of publication: July 5th 2018

ISBN number of electronic version: 978-2-9812834-5-0

Here is our souvenir booklet entitled 30 Years of Battle (available in French only).This booklet resumes the history of our organization over the last 30 years.

A project of Table de concertation sur les agressions à caractère sexuel de MontréalWork and revision:Diane Vallée, CALACS de l’Ouest de l’ÎleNathalie Brault, Clinique pour les victimes d’agression sexuelle de l’Hôtel-Dieu de MontréalMarie-Hélène Blanc, Association québécoise Plaidoyer-VictimesDeby Trent, Centre pour les victimes d’agression sexuelle de MontréalYvonne Séguin, Groupe d’aide et d’information sur le harcèlement sexuel au travail de la province de Québec inc.« This information will be a useful tool for you and your family and friends, whether the sexual assault occurred recently or a number of years ago. This guide is intended for adult women and men, regardless of ethnic origin, culture, age, religion, sexual orientation, or physical and mental abilities. »



This book was published in 2004.To help employers better understand the problem of harassment in the workplace, “Help and Information Center” shows them how, with concrete examples, to:

  • Recognize the different forms of sexual and psychological harassment;

  • Go beyond the myths surrounding workplace harassment;

  • Build an internal policy;

  • Prepare awareness sessions;

  • Manage complaints;

  • Take the appropriate measures when meeting with the alleged harasser;

  • Correctly answer the questions of the person who is being harassed.


Seven years after the first publication, the revised and updated version of Ça fait pas partie d’la job! has been translated and is available for the first time in English. It is entitled IT’S NOT PART OF THE JOB! and is an outstanding guide to intervention and information which is a must to have as reference material.

Whether you are personally faced with such a situation or simply interested in this issue, our book will respond to your most pressing questions and provide you with efficient alternative strategies. Developed from over 15 years of experience of the Help and Information Center, it focuses on the following aspects:

  • The forms of sexual harassment in the workplace;

  • The consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace;

  • Alternative strategies;

  • The Unemployment Insurance Act;

  • And a few files dealt by the Help and Information Center.

ÇA FAIT PAS PARTIE D'LA JOB! (1989) - available only in french

This book is an indispensable guide to rid workplaces of sexual harassment.

  • Strategies to adopt;

  • Possible legal recourses;

  • Different scenarios.


Strategies to eliminate sexual harassment.

This video deals with the issue of sexual and psychological harassment in the workplace and is intended mainly for people in charge of small and medium businesses. Its content emphasizes the importance of implanting and applying internal policies.Available on DVD and Bluray.For more information, click on the image.


Produced by Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes in collaboration with the Centre for Research on Violence Against Woman and Children and the participation of the "Help and Information Center".With the participation of the “Help and Information Center”« The Way Forward : Rethinking the Problem of Workplace Sexual Harassment is a video/manual educational package. It was created to assist all stakeholders in the workplace -- CEO's, managers, coworkers, unions. Human Resources professionals, trainers, educators and governments to understand and effectively take actions to stop sexual harassment.»

BAS LES PATTES (1997) - available only in french

Director: Lise BonenfantVidéo femmesSexual harassment is a form of discrimination that is very costly for society. It constitutes a violation to women's rights, to equal job opportunities and a menace for physical and psychological health. Even with the progress that has been made in recognizing the problem, on both employer and tribunal sides, there is still a lot that can be done ton convince the population about the seriousness of this issue.This documentary is made to sensitize the population on the importance of keeping our workplaces harassment free and how to act to eliminate sexual and psychological harassment in the workplace.

Here is the Group's new pamphlet (April 2016).



A pamphlet with our new colors which briefly gives information on sexual harassment in the workplace.


This is our pamphlet which briefly gives information on sexual harassment in the workplace.

IT'S NOT PART OF THE JOB! (1986) - available only in french

(Sexual harassment in the workplace)Participation: Mireille Landry, Diane Dwyer and Yvonne SéguinNot that long ago, we didn't speak of it. But women started having enough of it. They expressed themselves... Sexual harassment has many sides, it can be found in different types of environments, in all age categories and all work types. But it’s not part of a job description.The « Help and Information Center » was created to break the  isolation and silence. The video shows us in action, offering help to women who are victims of sexual harassment and sharing with them the alternative strategies and legal recourses that they can use.This is an excellent awareness tool to demystify the phenomena of sexual harassment. We have to speak out about it...

Creation of a poster which represents our new mission.


English agenda that includes the history of pioneers from the women movement.

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