We count on the support and professionalism of our permanent staff, consisting of women devoted to the cause against sexual and psychological harassment in the workplace. These women are the heart and the soul of the “Help and Information Centre” and form a multidisciplinary team that is well equipped to deal with the diverse and complicated needs of our clientele.


Furthermore, each year the “Help and Information Centre” is proud to welcome students from different universities and fields of study who help us to provide quality services and to achieve our goals.


Our team:

Yvonne Séguin (retired)

Executive director

Laura Garnier (on maternity leave)

Project Manager

Yann Morin


Myriam Blain-Levert 

Social services counselor

Mélisande Masson


Cindy Viau

Executive Director

Diana Mendoza Simonds

Collaborator- Assistant Project Manager

Rajaa Rhidaoui

Audrey Bossan


Camille Biron


Noémie André

Awareness Program Officer

Justice Canada Project